Collection of awesome SysOps utilities for automated deployment. It is pronounced Geeko-Ops or Geek Oops, depending on your mood :-)

The project lives on GitHub and currently consists of a set of ansible roles for automated deployment of certain services. The roles are written to be easily usable, minimal yet configurable.

Minimalism is key for GeekOops. Each role is aimed to be self-sufficient, without additional and crazy dependency chains. Each role is also automatically tested to ensure, that the roles remain functional over time.

GeekOops was started in SUSE Hackweek 2021. Have a lot of fun!

Getting started

Checkout the nginx tutorial post for a basic step-by-step guide. A more how-to is the example webserver post, where the procedure for setting up a simple nginx+php-fpm webserver on openSUSE Leap is shown.